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Why do it to yourself?

There are sites you can now use to create logos and websites, however, the results are different. There is a huge disconnection when using technology that automates the process.

It’s IMPOSSIBLE to tell a computer how long you’ve been planning your ideas, and how much you’ve already invested and sacrificed. You can’t sit down with the computer and explain what your ideas mean to you.

From Brand Identity to Web Development, you can count on Stizzi to bring you great results. I know what it’s like to budget, take care of family, and grind until the wheels fall off. I know what it is to make sacrifices.

Stizzi is a Visual Marketing Consultant as well as a Director and Executive. What makes me qualified is my obsession with shapes, sounds, aesthetics, and collaboration. I’ve studied the psychology of Behavioral Science, from Consumer to Organic. I love what I do, and as a result, so do individuals like you. I’ve been doing this since 2010. I’ve worked with companies like Redbull, Hype, Zoo York, Crooks & Castles, and much much more. I prefer bringing my talent to startups and growing artist, you know, “The Little Guys”. I want to see you make it, Let’s Do It!

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About StizzThaWizz

“Art is my life” – Victor Stizzi Cuadrado.

I’ve been drawing since I was young. I think over time I eventually got good at it and started to experiment. When I was about 16 years old, I started to design on Microsoft Paint. It was cool, photo manipulation and putting together shapes, I got really creative.

I eventually started printing on Iron-On paper to create shirts to sell. I don’t remember if my mom got the sheets for me, or if I stole them (I probably stole them). Once again over time, I evolved and so did my style and technique.

I had a very adventurous childhood. And even though not much made me happy (not six flags, not pizza, not friends) I think what really hit the spot were Drawing and Skateboarding. I started Graffiti around 2007.  Just about a year later I discovered my character…

From Graffiti to Canvas, them from Logo designs to web designs. I’ve been working to solve as many problems as possible in the most creative ways.

And here we are…

Yumyoda: Threads & Shreds

Putting my art to work. I love utilizing my designs and illustration to inspire and relate to the world.

Alongside Yumyoda: Threads And Shreds is The Digital Alchemist. The Digital Alchemist is my blog of thought vomits, so if you go and check it out, be sure to watch your step.

Yumyoda is a platform where creativity and distribution take place. There are always new products added to the line. And it’s not really your traditional branded company, so mack sure you take a look! It’s weird, and that’s OK!



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