"A Beautiful Death"

In 20.10 I decided to leave the firm-life, earned a knife to my back; and for the next several years I've been escaping my past. I peaked in 20.12, got buried in 20.15; all my nightmares coming true, tears as i wake from my dreams; managers turnt fiend, masters slaving kings; If hell wasn't the truth to broken spirit then god isn't in me; so I arise from the ashes; I'd be damned if I didn't lift my soul; I've been secretly striking the iron hot, diamond from coal, that knife became sword, everyday the fire swole; everyday i was told, everyday, but I'm the greatest; everyday they say I ain't make it, but I smile because everyday is everyday they mistaken; So until this world turns, i'll be here striking hot; one sword, two swords, three swords nonstop!

"A Beautiful Death" By Vic Stizzi Cuadrado


There's no single process or approach that works for all people. Every project is different, requirements change, so rather than having my way of doing things I prefer to listen to you and propose an approach that suits you best at my best ability to deliver.

You may just require some creative to put together your ideas, or different persepective on an idea. I can help by becoming your out-sourced visual marketing consultant and to get the ball rolling - your visual marketing executive.

In all, I am aiming to de-mistify the design process by offering clarity, up-front costs, and a service that's driven to drive.

FREEFromGreed, inc. became an umbrella company for Visual Analogs, Full ink Printing Co. and several other businesses tied with Visual Communication. Socials R'Us managed Social Media Accounts, RoarShare was a Social Media Booster, and Eat The Streets was street marketing. I sold half the companies while discontinuing what was left to start Yumyoda (Streetwear Company) in 2016. Starting my own company not only kept my skills on point, but also in the long run, would keep me from working for anyone but myself. Everything on the net which carried my former business name were changed to Stizzi Web Print Graphics. I left it there, slowly informing my awesome clients about the move in fields.

Around the time I started Yumyoda and Stizzi Web Print Graphics, I was already on my way down from grace... And fucking fast. I'll be honest, I was ruining relationships left and right, I was suprised anybody got out in time. This was due to a series of unfortunate events. I understand people want to be affiliated with others who always get it right... hey, power to you, but this doesn't build Grit or Durability. When you take your business on the road, 90% of the time you will get tested by any and all means. And I'm here to tell you what doesn't kill you, make you stronger... key words - I'm here.

Bigger, Stronger, and Faster than ever. We've refined and consolidated. Next steps are to build that client list back up. Thank you everyone who've been supportive in their way.

It sounds like an ideal job being your own boss. I do enjoy everything about the career, but truth is, it is a constant flow of multi-tasking. Between marketing, meetings and keeping up to date as a designer, being prompt and always motivated is the only way to survive. This is why it is important for me to say this as clear as possible to you, present and potiential clients... Thank you for the opportunity.

In this industry, collaborating with other firms and freelancers, out-sourcing to printing companies and working with a variety of clients through different mediums, I know how it feels to be in all ends of the table. The key to gaining and keeping a good relation with clients: honest communication. I am here to provide you with the best of the best. No dreams attached, just high standards and hard work.

Visual Communication Skills

Growing over the years, winning and failing, here are the numbers:

  • Web Development 90%

  • SEO Encoding 90%

  • Brand ID95%

  • Copy Write80%

  • Graphic Design 95%

  • Illustration 90%

  • Printing 95%